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Suffage 125
Suffrage 125 celebrates 125 years since NZ women achieved voting parity.
Providing a healthy and effective alternative deodorant range.
Diana Divan, Director of Dept. of Soul, has a passion for the natural. After a period of trialling natural deodorants with no luck, she found and fell in love with her product now branded as Dept of Soul. The main reason is their effectiveness and appealing scents.
Good Magazine
Good is a trusted publication with the ethos of conscious-living at its heart. Its mantra is to provide readers with an empowering, enriching and inspiring experience with every issue.
Everyone deserves to be warm this winter
Community Energy Action (CEA) is a charitable trust that is committed to ensuring people keep warm, dry and healthy in their homes and also when they are at work.
Support for Our House
It’s now almost four years since Home & Family acquired the former convent of The Community of the Sacred Name, to become its new premises.
WebFair is much more than an on-line auction site.
WebFair is not about money, it is about the currency of gifting. Our Story by Donna Morris - Director
Feed the Ducks!
Remember: Just because something’s been done for a long time, it doesn’t make it right. That includes feeding bread to ducks.
The Secret to Sleep
Well, this is one of the most potent strategies that turned me from a ‘crazed’ professional insomniac to someone who wakes every morning having slept.
The Soul of Money
Lynne's work with The Soul of Money and the Pachamamma Alliance have inspired the team at WebFair.
If Mother Earth were a character in your life; who would she be...
The concept of Earth being female has been around for a long time, Terra Mater, the Latin name for earth, is a literal translation of Mother Earth.
Fundraising - The Value of a New Model
Raising money is bloody hard. Rachael Welfare from Gapfiller talks about the challenges of fundraising.
The Salt Lady
ONLY seasonal, fresh, organic, local where possible.
De-clutter Your Life - Angela Stone
So, where on Earth do you start? Getting organised is no easy feat. Follow my tips below to enhance your energy flow!
Kat’s Art Studio
Kat’s Art Studio is an art gallery and studio that offers art classes for both adults and children. It is owned and operated by registered teacher and established artist Katrina McGettigan and located at 232, Main South Rd, Christchurch.
Visit Kaikoura for an Arty weekend.
Homewood Hill Art Gallery & Studio is the home of artist, Karen James, & is perched high on its own little hill, just 6kms north of Kaikoura with views to Kaikoura township & the ocean, across farmlands with the majestic snow-capped mountains behind.
Jane Riley - Artist
Jane Riley’s oil paintings reflect her love of the natural environment.
Reusable produce bags are a great way of reducing plastic waste...
Plastic Free for LIfe? By: Hannah Beasley. The Rubbish Whisperer.
Truffles - NZ Truffles
Bag Lady
“Does anyone else have a plastic bag full of plastic bags in their house, or is that just me?”
Community Supported Agriculture
"The goal of farming is not the cultivation of crops but the cultivation and perfection of human beings. " (Masanobu Fukuoka)