Flourish - The Good Shop
Address: Carnaby Mall, New Brighton
Email: connect@flourish.org.nz Phone Number: 0211276701
Fair Start Date : 01/08/2017 Fair End Date : 21/09/2017
Why we are running a Fair ?

The Good Shop is a christchurch based Social Enterprise by Flourish Inc collective for Happy People Healthy Planet. We are a not for profit venture making wellbeing and living greener more accessible and affordable.

Flourish Inc was set up post earthquakes and have had successful initiatives such as River of Flowers Feb 22nd commemorations, The Wellbeing Game and Places of Tranquillity. We believe Flourishing is for both people and the planet so we are piloting The Good Shop which provides affordable greener living ethical eco products and educational workshops. The Good Shop works in with Flourish Studio and Pod Cafe in a partnership that ensures we are successful in our mission and can support one another. We are based in the hardest hit east in the fabulous Carnaby Lane, New Brighton Mall. We are from this community and are giving back to our community for the benefit of all.

We have plenty of plans but need some core funding to support the co-ordination and promotion so we can continue past the pilot stage.

If you care about East ChCh, people’s wellbeing and our planet and believe in community then we can support each other!

You can check out Flourish Inc - www.flourish.org.nz and The Good Shop here - www.facebook.com/thegoodshopnz



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