Most goods will be accepted.  From Gumboots to TV's.  There should be some good useful life left in the product.

Services and experiences are also welcome. 

Please do not gift the following:  firearms, weapons, X-rated items, health & safety gear, unclean items, livestock, pets.

Absolutely the more you gift the more your community benefits.

Most definitely you can gift to as many fairs as you like. 

We hope goods will flow through Communities giving access to everyone in our Community.

When the auction is complete and the goods have been paid for WebFair will email both the Gifter and the Purchaser with each others email details.  It is then between the two parties to arrange collection.

If you are willing to arrange freight or a courier it will be up to you to collect the cost from the buyer.

No worries, your buyer has not seen it yet.  You will receive an email to re-list your item, its easy.

Hero Items are new items of value, experiences or quirky unique items that must go through the auction process.  Buy Now values will not be put on these items.  The auction will close at the time specified and the highest bidder will win.  Use the AutoBid process to make sure you do not miss out.

WebFair operates on the currency of Gifting.  Please do not load any item you are not happy to consider a gift.  We do not have 'reserves' so every item could sell for only $1.00

When the auction is complete and the goods have been paid for WebFair will email both the Gifter and the Purchaser with each others email details.  It is then between the two parties to arrange collection or freight as stated at the time of loading the item.


WebFair do not offer this as an option at the time of payment.   The Gifter will decide if they are prepared to arrange posting at either their cost or the Buyer's cost and this will be stipulated on the product page.

WebFair will not be a part of any courier or freight arrangements.

Sorry No, as all of the proceeds from the auction go to the community group goods are paid for via the WebFair site.  Polypay and Credit Card options are available.

Contact the team at WebFair and we will help resolve the issue.

The AutoBid allows you to add a maximum bid value so you can keep bidding while you are away from WebFair.  Your bidding will increase in increments of $1.00 until it reaches your maximum.  

The oldest bid wins priority over any bid of the same value.  e.g. If a product is at $10.00 and you bid $20.00 but someone else has already put an autobid for $20.00 on the product the Autobid will lead.

No we do not have Auto Extend.  Every product closes at the pre-determined time and the best bid at that time wins.   Great reason to use to auto bidding.

Webfair is here to support Community so if you have a project that is beneficial to your Community you are welcome to contact us for further discussions.  We are thrilled to support Schools, Teams, Hobbies, Churches, Playcentres, Charities and Social Enterprises.  Contact us to discuss.

Fair dates can vary and will be set after discussions with you.

Not hard at all, much easier than a traditional fair!  No storage, no worries about the weather, no standing for hours!

WebFair will help facilitate your fair, all you need to do is rally your supporters/members to gift items.

WebFair collects payments and chase anyone who does not pay.   Payment to the Community Group happens 31 days after the fair has closed.  This allows for any credit card reversals that may occur.

Please email and we will send you the account form and some information.  

All items are moderated by the Fair Administrator.  This ensures unacceptable items do not make it to the site for sale.

WebFair charges a $1 (plus gst) transaction fee for every auction plus any credit card fee that is deducted.  The rest of the proceeds go to the Community Group.  Effectively you get what we get, minus $1.00 (plus gst)

If the auction sells for $200 - WebFair will take $1.00 and $199.00 will go to the Community Group nominated by the Gifter (assuming paid by Polipay).  

Yes we can operate in all of New Zealand.  Contact us today. or call Donna 021 127 6701

Please contact the team at WebFair with any complaints or feedback.  We are here to help and certainly will try our best to resolve any issues. 

Please make sure that you put YOUR email address and phone number so we can help you.

WebFair does not handle your credit card or bank details, we use SECURE payment gateways that are approved by the ANZ Bank.  The payment gateways have been tested by the ANZ bank.  WebFair does not at any time receive any bank or credit card details.  

Your User name is the only detail that will appear.  You can use any alias for your username. 

WebFair will not charge any fees for items that sell for $1.00 only.  Your $1.00 will go to the community group that is shown on the item.